I grew up with a close family friend from Ethiopia who was (and still is) and art dealer named Alitash Kebede (http://alitashkgallery.com).  Alitash inspired in me a love for painters and mixed media visual artists like Romare Bearden, Al Loving and Jacob Lawrence.  Beyond falling in love with the art itself, it was through meeting these artists and watching the way they communicated with art dealers like Alitash that taught me the power of human connection and the need for artists to feel supported by their community- from their dealers, patrons, collectors and admirers.  This enhanced not only the artist, but the rest of the community that supported them. It was a symbiotic relationship. One needed the other to thrive. 

My career has been shaped by the belief that supporting others is a worthwile investment, and I've worked with a number of influential artists whose work has shown at top international museums, and have assisted in art focused events in galleries in NYC and Los Angeles. 

I discovered that there is always a spotlight on successful artists, but rarely on the community, and collectors that support them.  I created Young Art Collector as a residency and journal to highlight the work of collectors and the artists that they support. 

My team works with 1-2 artists per year to provide a residency, which includes space for them to create art and think about how they want their career to grow, and shows their work on our site.