Sometimes the simplest questions are the hardest to answer.  Who is your audience? How do you measure success? What are you trying to communicate? What marketing collateral do you need to accomplish your goals? 

Bahiyah and her team will design a marketing strategy that helps you implement your campaign and/or overall strategy.  



Your brand is the first thing people see when they google your company.  Let Bahiyah ensure that what people are seeing online and offline reflects the successful, forward thinking, organized company that you want to be. 


Community Engagement 

Our ever increasing global community calls for more mobilization- not just on the ground, but accross land and sea.  We're committed to identifying, engaging and inspiring the community that is most in alignment with your organization- virtually and on the ground.  


Let me know how we can help. 


Africa Focused Event Design + Activation - US/Europe 

There are many Africans from the diaspora working and living in the United States and Europe that want to connect to the most influencial people, trends and thought leadership that are cultivating a prosperous and sustainable Africa.  

We'll design the right experience, with the right attendees, for your company. 


Partnership Building

Partnerships can be a great way to ensure your company's continued growth and success; every organizaion benefits from a strong network of engaged partners.  

Bahiyah will guide you if you don't know where to start, and can help manage the partnership engagement process once you've onboarded the right partners. 


Bahiyah advises the most up and coming new enterprises that engage businesses and consumers in the U.S. and Africa, and she is well connected in the arts as well as the technology ecosystem.