As a start-up founder, you do everything from ideation to MVP development to choosing employees and interns. You are constantly working on your pitch, networking, driving revenue, and reworking your growth plan to scale quickly.  

The Robinson (+) Consulting Group (R+) believes start-up entrepreneurs are the value creators, and investors are the value-add. Identifying which start-ups will benefit from their capital, connections, and have access to employees and partners, investors create a matrix of trust and support known as the “Network Effect”.

We drive the “Network Effect” within startup ecosystems, inclusively.  R+ looks at investor matchmaking as a bilateral relationship. We develop a network of high-growth start-ups, and look for the right investors to support their success.

We are matchmakers and facilitators.

We are your champions.

The Robinson (+) Consulting Group:

  • Consults with high growth start-ups globally, recommending partners, investors, local talent, communications and marketing strategies, that will help you do all the things you’re already doing, better; 
  • Provides access to a deep network of investors, opening locked doors;
  • Recommends investment groups that are serious, clear and compassionate in their dealings. We don’t like to see founders on months-long merry-go-rounds with investors that eventually don’t invest. We work with investors that can say “yes” or “no” and give compelling reasons for their decisions, so that you can learn and keep moving forward.
  • Assists with business development needs, from financial modeling and go-to-market strategies, to sales and distribution planning.