We work with companies looking to drive investment and innovation throughout the African Diaspora and with companies committed to diversity and inclusion in the U.S. 

Bahiyah Yasmeen Robinson


Bahiyah Yasmeen Robinson is Chief Executive Officer of the Robinson (+) Consulting Group, a holistic, values-driven firm that supports and invests in high-growth innovators and start-ups globally. 

Bahiyah ran Appfrica, one of the first early stage investment funds to provide growth capital to the first generation of techpreneurs in Africa, with co-investors such as the U.S. Department of State and the World Bank, and partners including the African Development Bank, Microsoft 4Afrika, the Kauffman Foundation and Nokia, from 2012-2015. 

Bahiyah has held positions at several non-government organizations including the Council on Foreign Relations and Ashoka’s Changemakers, where she worked with thousands of entrepreneurs and clients such as Omidyar Network, Google, Exxon Mobil and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. 

Bahiyah is passionate about innovation and human-centered design advances in technology, media and the arts.  She is a co-founder of media platform Ebola Deeply, one of Entrepreneur Magazine's 100 most innovative companies (News Deeply) in 2016; serves on the advisory board of a number of start-ups; and sits on the advisory committee for Global Citizen.

In 2012, Bahiyah created Young Art Collector, an online portal, artist residency and event series. She is the recipient of a Knight Foundation award and has spoken at conferences on entrepreneurship and early stage investment in Europe, Africa and the United States. 

Consultants + Advisors

Danielle Kayembe


Danielle Kayembe has over 10 years of experience in international consulting and finance in New York, London and sub-Saharan Africa. She has worked on over $7.5 billion in business transactions for global banks such as Bank of America and HSBC, and advised global private equity firms such as Helios and Kingdom Zephyr on acquisitions in Africa. She also advises governments and businesses on how to integrate forward-looking initiatives in technology, infrastructure and renewable energy.  Danielle is an advisor to social impact start-ups and a mentor to Columbia University’s business accelerator, Almaworks. 

Danielle Kayembe is co-founder of FLOW Global, a global initiative to address women’s economic empowerment, both in developed and developing countries.  She is a frequent speaker on topics related to women, social impact, technology and Africa at the United Nations, TEDx, Google, General Assembly and other events.

Raquel Wilson


Raquel Wilson helps extraordinary thinkers and innovators tell compelling stories, grow strong communities and build sustainable brands. She is founder of MVMT/MKRS, a startup advisory that partners with growth-stage, technology startups to build capacity, scale business and create impact; and Jetted, an air booking platform for frequent intra-Africa flyers.   

She has worked with the Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology, where she mentored entrepreneurs in building globally, competitive companies; and is Co-Editor of "No Tees Please: Why Africa Aid Campaigns #FAIL", a crowdsourced inquiry into the practices of inventing disadvantageous aid campaigns for the African continent. Raquel served as Campaign Manager for Social Media Week Lagos’ #55FORWARD initiative, bringing together ambassadors from fifty-five African nations to discuss using social media to meet the needs of the continent’s rapidly increasing youth population. Currently she mentors emerging technology entrepreneurs and advises SMEs in preparing for growth.

Jacques-Phillipe Piverger


Jacques-Philippe Piverger is a social entrepreneur harnessing business and philanthropic experience to effect change where it is needed most across the globe. Co-Founder of MPOWERD, a company bringing innovative solar lighting solutions to the developed and developing world, he is a former Director at AIG Asset Management and PineBridge Investments, participating in more than $100 billion in private equity, hedge and real estate transactions globally.

Jacques-Philippe is also Co-Founder and a Board Member at The Council of Urban Professionals, a nonprofit focused on education reform, access to capital, and leadership development for women and minorities and a previous Term Member at The Council on Foreign Relations.

A World Economic Forum Young Global Leader, and an avid speaker on leadership, impact investing and being a sound global citizen, Jacques-Philippe holds a Bachelor’s degree from Georgetown University and a MBA from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth where he was a Private Equity Research Fellow.

Tayo Akinyemi

Tayo Akinyemi has an MBA in Sustainable Global Enterprise from Cornell University, and a BA in Sociology from Princeton University. She began her career at an NGO dedicated to advancing women in corporate business. Since then, she has been focused on understanding how businesses are built and sustained globally. From developing a community-inclusive business strategy for a greenfield sugarcane ethanol venture in Mozambique, to executing the US strategy for a digital marketing company in Brazil, Tayo catalyzes the social impact potential in commercial business. 

Tayo is a Senior Consultant with the World Bank Group for XL Africa, an African post-accelerator program for digital startups. She is also an advisor for Afrobytes, a Paris based initiative that builds bridges between African and European technology innovators. Tayo recently drafted a toolkit for innovation ecosystem assessment for the ITU.

Amber Fowler

Amy Fowler

Amber began her career in Silicon Valley back in 2001, working with tech startups in varying executive finance capacities. In 2008, Amber managed and later was hired as the VP of Finance for Founders Fund, a venture capital firm with over $1Billion in management, established by PayPal co-founder, Peter Thiel. Amber went on to explore emerging market opportunities and served as general partner and COO for EchoVC, where she raised a $26M Sub-Saharan Africa venture capital fund to focus on investing in early-stage technology companies. While based in Lagos, Nigeria, Amber was an instrumental advocate for PanAfrican startups, supporting the development of a newly emerging venture capital and entrepreneurial ecosystem across the African Continent.  Amber's experience and insights around the investment landscape in Africa and Silicon Valley have been sought after on multiple continents.  She is one of the few women in the VC space that can clearly articulate the opportunities to invest in Africa and into women-led startups - severely underinvested startup profiles that present the highest opportunity for arbitrage and holistic growth opportunities.